Ways to Pay for Long Term Care

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The average
nursing home
costs $90,155/yr

And that’s just the average. In-home care isn’t much better, averaging $52,620 per year. Sure, Long-Term care insurance can help if you have it, but those policies can be expensive, especially for anyone with a previous health condition.

Strategies from
the experts

At 1on1 Elder Care, we’ve been advising seniors, their families and loved ones on how to pay for Long-Term care for years. In many cases, we’re able to help them qualify for valuable benefits from programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Medi-Cal that they thought they would be excluded from.

While every situation is unique, we’ve put 11 of the most-common strategies into our free booklet, 11 Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care. You can use it to kickstart your own planning and share it with your friends and family, free of charge.

Enter your contact information and download 11 Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care booklet, free of charge. Share it with your friends and family.

Since the best time to think about Long-Term care is when you are planning for retirement, we will contact you in a few days to see if we can help. There is no cost or obligation.

Solutions for
your long
term care

There’s no silver bullet to long term planning, but with expert advice, you’ll be taking your first important steps towards finding a solution to paying for Long-Term care that’s affordable, practical and achievable.