What are
Care Homes?

Care homes (sometimes known as adult family homes, residential care homes, or personal care homes) are residential facilities for seniors with minimal care needs. What sets these homes apart is their size – care homes keep the number of residents to a minimum, typically 10 or fewer. Residents may have living options such as a private or shared room while sharing the home’s common areas.

Services often include lodging, meal services and assistance with activities such as laundry, managing medications, bathing and dressing. Limited medical care is also provided but is not a primary service of a care home.


✓ Seniors with minimal care needs who want
a home-feel

Quick Facts About
Care Homes

✓ Personal assistance with basic daily tasks
✓ Good for mostly independent residents
✓ A better staff-to-resident ratio

List of Care
Home Services

✓ Personalized care
✓ Medical care
✓ Housekeeping services

✓ Meals
✓ Social activities
✓ Transportation

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