Booker’s Long Term Care Plan

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On Monday, December 23rd presidential candidate Cory Booker unveiled his long-term care plan to help low to middle-income Americans.

Bringing Dignity and Choice to Long-term Care

“No one should have to impoverish themselves or quit their job to get the care they need or secure care for a loved one,” he said on his campaign web site. The senator from New Jersey stated that he feels that Medicare for All is “the best way to safeguard” health care as a right for every American.

Presently, a person is eligible for long-term care services through Medicaid if they a) spend more of their income on care or b) has an income less than 222% of the federal poverty line which equates to $36,541 for a family of two, while having less than $2,000 in assets individually or $3,000 as a couple.

Under the Booker plan, Medicaid would expand eligibility for long-term care services by permitting individuals to increase asset limits to $200,000 and income limits to 300% of the federal poverty line, which equates to about $49,380 for a family of two.

The Booker Long-Term Care Plan would expand coverage to include more services at home and in the community. In his long term care plan, Senator Booker also identified the market shortage of professional caregivers. Booker calls for an increase in Medicaid funding and for the Department of Health and Human Services to implement improvements in terms of pay, training, and other benefits for professional caregivers.

He also recognized the need to support family caregivers. Senator Booker expressed the need to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit by proposing paying family caregivers for their work. Called the Rise Credit, family caregivers could receive up to a $4,000 credit for qualified caregivers.

Do You Need Long-Term Care Today

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